Before we start…

All of our team members are thoroughly trained on how to perform each janitorial task, maintaining environmental and safety awareness. Our goal is to clean each customer’s facility professionally and safely.

During the start…

We know a seamless, no-hassle start-up is important to every customer. So at Geralex
Janitorial Services, we combine up-front preparation and training with strong management and direction to ensure a smooth, successful startup.

After the start…

A systematic approach to keep your building looking good! At Geralex Janitorial Services, we offer strong management and quality control to plan for, and not lose track of, the many necessary cleaning details.

We look forward to the opportunity of becoming a trusted and valued partner in improving and maintaining the appearance of your building.

  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Day Care Centers
  • Public Buildings
  • Industrial/Manufacturer Plants

Environmentally Friendly Practices

  • We use sustainable practices and eco-friendly cleaning products so your workers are safe, and so are ours.
  • We use practices that seek to reduce water usages, creation of waste and limit the use of harsh chemicals.
  • We know that the highest level of cleanliness can be achieved without contaminating the environment.

Respect and Dignity

  • We have a policy of proactive responsibility toward our employees.
  • Working with a cleaning company that has a dedicated workforce who are, in turn, dedicated to providing the best service they can each and every day.
  • Our workforce is dedicated to your goals, because we are dedicated to theirs. When laborers are empowered, they can accomplish anything.
  • A clean and healthy work environment should be experienced by everyone, by your employees and ours.

Call us today to find out how we can help you make your goals with our high-quality commercial cleaning janitorial services.