Locally-owned and operated, Geralex Inc. has been serving the businesses and public entities of Chicago for more than a decade. Committed to providing unparalleled customer care, we aim our unwavering focus on offering all-encompassing,environmentally-responsible janitorial services. Delivering a variety of office and building maintenance services, we specialize in first-rate janitorial work.

Experts in the appropriate cleaning methods for all surface materials, we apply our experience and knowledge to effectively and safely clean your facility, from the floors to the ceilings – and everything in between. Our past and current client list includes schools, government facilities, airports, retail centers, office buildings and industrial parks. This experience allows us complete confidence being able to offer you the same expert services.

Using only green, eco-friendly solvents, we never risk the health and safety of your workplace, avoiding toxic, chemically-based materials while ensuring unbeatable service.

Committed to our company vision, each Geralex team member performs each project with unquestionable integrity, showing up on time, appearing neat and professionally attired and delivering service with a smile.  With an attention to detail that exceeds most expectations, we clean and sanitize each and every nook and cranny in your facility.

Discover why so many Chicago-based businesses choose Geralex Inc. for their janitorial services by scheduling your customized maintenance assessment now.