Although your complete satisfaction is our end goal in delivering a spotless, pristine business environment, how responsible we are while working towards that goal is a daily concern of ours. Keeping ourselves accountable to our business vision, we consistently work to improve our methods and processes, working towards a completely sustainable and earth-friendly business plan.

Thanks to modern innovation, we are able to avoid the use of toxic, chemical-laden cleaning products. We believe that by using eco-friendly materials and solvents, we not only help protect the environment, but we have a hand in keeping you and your employees safe and healthy.

As a woman/minority/veteran-owned business, our mission is to provide a future-focused workplace for every employee within our organization. We believe that our commitment to the planet helps each member of the Geralex family enjoy a safe, risk-free environment, enabling them to deliver the uncompromising level of excellence that our customers have come to expect.

With toxin-free, water-based solvents and energy-efficient cleaning equipment and tools, we help to ensure your safe, healthy and eco-friendly workplace, while reducing our carbon footprint.

If green cleaning and janitorial services are a concern of yours, we welcome your questions and comments. We also invite you to schedule a project assessment and quote by contacting our customer care team now.