When passengers and employees are at your airport, you want them to know that you take the cleanliness of your aviation facility seriously. By hiring Geralex Commercial Janitorial Services, you are demonstrating a commitment to the highest standards of cleanliness and customer service. We have been providing eco-friendly commercial cleaning services to the great Chicagoland area since 2003. Our two founders combined their experience in commercial cleaning and business administration to found Geralex. Geralex offers office cleaning, industrial janitorial, clean room services, and even parking lot maintenance. You can see, Geralex does it all. No matter your need we can meet it, and exceed expectations.

Meeting Goals Together

  • We know that your business goals are what motivate you and our mission is to help you meet those goals with our cleaning services.
  • One of the qualities that sets us apart from the crowd is our willingness and ability to customize your cleaning services.
  • Our scalable janitorial cleaning services can help you make sure your facility has the level of cleanliness you demand, be it a clean room that has the level of precision cleaning you need to comply with regulations or an aviation facility that needs constant upkeep to keep up with regular busy travelers.
  • Our scalability also means that we can help you meet your fiscal goals when it comes to subcontracting your cleaning services.

Commitment to Values

  • From the way we perform our work to the products we use, our values and commitments keep us working hard to constantly improve and live out our values. One of the main ways we do this is by using eco-friendly cleaning products that result in a sparkling, green clean. Our commitment to sustainable practices is something that enters into our work at every level.
  • We are also committed to proactive responsibility toward our employees, and we have seen over the years that this investment has produced results in the form of committed and concerned employees.

When you need airport cleaning services, call the company that is committed to providing the best commercial cleaning in Chicago, call Geralex.