1. Office cleaning myths

    Cleaning the house is one thing, but cleaning the office is quite another. No matter what products you use, or how much time you seem to schedule yourself to do it, no one truly wants to clean the office themselves. But knowing who to hire to help you clean can be tricky, especially when you start to believe some of the industry’s biggest myths. Commercial cleaning is too expensive. I can't trus…Read More

  2. How to get the most out of your professional green commercial clean in between appointments:

    It's no secret that a clean office space is a happy office space. Routine office cleaning increases productivity, maintains a healthy working environment, and portrays the high standards that you hold your company to. Advancing your office image and giving your employees a more comfortable environment to work in, office cleaning services are a no brainer. Dust-free counters, grime-free bathrooms, …Read More

  3. Need Help Communicating With Your Cleaning Company?

    In the previous blog, we discussed six questions to ask a potential commercial cleaning service, one of them being “how do we communicate?” Chicago businesses can be environments where everything is fast paced and can sometimes be quite messy and it’s essential that there is a clear method of communication between your business and your office cleaning service. In this post, we will go in de…Read More