No matter what type of business you run, chances are that you have employees coming in and out of the workplace daily. Whether it’s just a few, or a few hundred, all offices get dirty. When you think germs, what is the first place that comes to mind? Maybe it’s the bathroom, maybe it’s the break room. Regardless of what you think of, it’s important that you realize it’s not just rooms that accumulate dirt.

Although no office is going to be completely dirt and germ-free, with routine green commercial cleaning services, you can reduce the likelihood of bacteria growth, illness, and allergies.

Do you know what he dirtiest places in your office are? Luckily, when you work with Chicago’s best green commercial cleaning services, you don’t have to think about the gross things. But it never hurts to know so you are aware of what needs a little extra love and attention in between our green commercial cleaning services.

Coffee Pots

If you are anything like us, we understand what being to work by 8 means. We aren’t here to judge. Coffee is an essential, and you can bet that you are not the only one in the office who feels that way. Although that morning cup of joe is what gets your gears cranking, it is one of the biggest sources of bacteria, seeing as more than half of your colleagues also rely on that tiny handle to fill their cup with freshly brewed life. According to Hloom, a study done on office germs, your traditional office coffee pots hold 34 times as much bacteria as a school toilet seat. YUCK! Maybe it’s time that you stop at Starbucks- making the expensive, roasted deliciousness worth it to avoid what’s brewing when you get to work.

Knobs and Buttons

Think of how many people work in your office. Now think of how many use the same door as you. Whether it’s the elevator, the front door, or the bathroom entrance, the door handles and elevator buttons get touched… a lot! Maybe it’s cold season, maybe someone had grimy hands. No matter what the case is, your office does not have to contribute to germ breeding grounds on the handles and buttons when you hire green-professionals like us.


Just like the doors and elevators, the phones in your office are pretty gross. Whether it’s your personal desk phone or the company’s, it’s important to realize how many times a day it’s touched and where your hands were before you touched it. But it’s not just touching it that makes your phone dirty. Think about how close you bring your phone to your face, creating a plethora of bacteria in a variety of ways. But who cleans their phone? You can bet with our green commercial cleaning services, we have you covered, understanding what to do to reduce bacteria growth.


The essential tool to your day, your keyboard makes this list as one of the dirtiest things in the office. We clean the areas that contribute to why your keyboard is so dirty. Removing dirt and dust from everything else in your office, it makes it so that you are less likely to bring bacteria back to your desk and reduces your chances of spreading illness.

And, of course… the Bathroom

Our favorite. No, we don’t mean it’s our favorite room, but we understand that it’s the most recognized place that needs our attention. The office restroom is dirty of all the obvious reason, and our goal is to make sure that it doesn’t stay that way. With routine green commercial cleaning, you can rest easy about the cleanness of the restroom. And no, you don’t have to be the one who scrubs the toilet.

Gross right?

Instead of letting your office accumulate the dirt and grime, call the experts in and let us take care of your dirty spaces the Geralex way. Eliminating the dirt and germs from the dirtiest places in your office, you can bet that we will pay extra attention to the areas that matter the most. For a list of all our services or to schedule your green commercial cleaning appointment, give us a call; we look forward to making your office sparkle.